Artificial Hair Implant – Biofibre

 Biofibre HAIR IMPLANT BESTHETICS hajbeültetés
Besthetics Biofibre hair implant hajbeültetés

6000 hair in one session  – Akár 6000 hajszál egy napon


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Advantages of Artificial Synthetic Hair Implant

  • Synthetic hair looks and feels just like your own hair
  • Large verity of colors and hair types, Curly, waved, strait, short or long hair
  • Final Results in only one or two day.
  • Immediate and natural aesthetic result.
  • High hair density in a few hours.
  • Painless procedure allows the patient to lead an active and sporty lifestyle
  • The implant can be performed alone or in combination with other methods of hair transplant.
  • Best solution for patients without enough donor area or large bald area that can not get covered with FUE at any age.
  • Best method to increase the density of hair with no limit of the amounts.
  • Repair older or failed hair transplants and cover any empty area or simply increase the density.
  • Natural method for any kind of alopecia.
  • Bio-compatible Artificial Hair Approved for Hair Implant with CE 0373 and TGA Certifications. CE marking and TGA

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